Tucson Area Rave and Club Info

( What there is of it, anyway ... )

Upcoming Events:

Not too surprisingly, I've absolutely failed to make the time to keep this page properly up to date. Luckily, someone else has created a similar info source and it's located here.

Recurring Events and Clubs:

These clubs/events might interest those with a rave/techno/alternative mindset. They are by no means a complete list of all that's going on in the area, but everything else is... well... boring...

Big Mama's Revenge

Location Changes

This is a semi-monthly event thrown together by Tucson DJ J-Rush. It's usually a bit of a mini-rave.


Club Congress

311 E Congress

Generally considered Tucson's most interesting club, Congress has something slightly different going on every night of the week. 21+ only, which means it closes at 1 A.M. Good place to go whether you want to dance, drink, or stare at the pretty egos.

Hotel Congress even has it's own web page!

Mondays: Disco
Tuesdays: 110 BPM 61K GIF
Wednesdays: House
Thursdays: 80's 172K GIF
Fridays: Live Bands
Saturdays: Techno 135K GIF
Sundays: Live Bands

The Fine Line

101 W Drachman

Probably one of Tucson's oldest clubs, the biggest things 'The Line' has going for it are that it's all-ages and it's usually open after 1 A.M. Tailors to a younger crowd. Music tends to be heavier/darker alternative and industrial.

The Cage

5851 E Speedway Blvd

Take Club Congress and make it much more palatable for the masses. Useful if there's nothing else going on ...

Past Events:

Saturday, June 17, 1995: Mindflow



Front 42K JPEG/ Back 60K JPEG

A Mindflow review by Mountain Rave's very own Sarah Gianetto.

Updated September 20, 1995